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TXO Gel (Builder)


      MAGICALLY TXO GEL in Pastell Pink und White 

      has a fixed viscosity and becomes liquid with movement.  It is a builder gel with a thick consistency that becomes smooth and light when applied to the nail, this is called thixotropy. When the design is complete, the gel returns to a solid state.  It is not liquid, with self-leveling properties.

      • Thixotropic builder gel
      • Hoch viskos
      • Firm consistency, smooth when applied
      • Does not work
      • Self-leveling
      • Save time!




      The products are of such high quality and are easy to work with. I love her


      I love that MAGICALLY Fiberglasgel Natural. For the reason that it works with me and the brush, it also doesn't run into the edges (when used correctly). The natural has a great creamy consistency and a nice "nude tone" that you can also wear "naked". I think it is an absolute must to use the gel in the studio or for me as a hobby nail designer. I can no longer imagine modeling without the MAGICALLY Natural Fiberglass Gel.

      Stefanie L.
      Siegen, Germany

      The products from Doriana Cosmetics are a dream, since I've been working with these products I've never had any problems and lifting is a thing of the past.

      Never anything else.

      Roberta L.
      Nail design by Roby, Schopfheim, Germany

      Such a beautiful gel. All colors are awesome.

      Peggy Ulbrich
      Rock your beauty, Annaburg, Deutschland