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It was not only the best decision of my life to book my training with Doriana, but also a great asset to my life. You can't get so much expertise and content anywhere for such a good price! Another advantage is the lifelong access to the videos and content. Furthermore, the workshops were also a very good choice, as you can practice and perfect special topics there. The included community access is also a great platform to be able to exchange ideas as a beginner without having to be afraid of being laughed at. What I would particularly like to highlight is the passion and expertise with which Doriana reaches your students. Not only the personal feedback but also their way of encouraging people and not giving up made this training for the best training of my life!

B. Trauner
Nail design students

My sister and I did a training course at Doriana and have had very good experiences with her.

Doriana is a very loving, patient and helpful person. She explained and showed us everything regarding the training very precisely and in detail.

Her work is very clean and she does really great nails! We wish we could have worked with her a little longer because we had a really good time with her. It was really fun with her :)

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Vijan S.
Nail design student

Did my base training there. Super nice interaction, always an open ear. I can only recommend. Dori is just super❤

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Jasmine L.
Nail Design Online Schoolgirl

Roberta L.
Nail design student

I did my training online last year I am still very enthusiastic. Everything is mega-explained by Doriana herself. I learned so much and was able to take a lot with me. It was a hell of a lot of fun. Thank you for being able to do this mega training and for giving you advice and assistance. I'll definitely do some with you.❤️

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Los Angeles, CA

      Information about the Nails Academy can be found under these LINK. (click on it)

      This is purely ONLINE TRAINING/EDUCATION for existing or future nail designers (m/f/d).

      Currently only available in German!

      Question & Answer

      Merely acquiring the workshop is not enough to receive a verified certificate. Many training providers offer a certificate. However, you will often only receive a kind of "confirmation of participation".
      Your actual work is sometimes not properly checked there. That's why we at Doriana Cosmetics have decided to focus on quality. Reviewed means your work is reviewed. Only after this has been properly and neatly executed will you receive your TESTED Certificate .

      After you have worked through your training, you can print out an online certificate at the end of each learning unit. At the end of the learning unit "Nail Design Basics" you will find the prerequisite for your Certified certificate of completion By Doriana A. Antonacci.

      You will receive your official certificate by post at the earliest 14 days after the start of the training course or in person on the day of the exam.

      If you only want a confirmation of participation, please let us know via chat.

      • Place your desired training in the shopping cart.
      • Pay for the training with one of the existing payment methods.
      • You can request payment in installments by e-mail:, this is only possible with a credit report.
      • Training Purchased? You will receive an automatic confirmation email.
      • We will activate your access manually within 24 hours. Please be patient as we will do this manually and double check your order beforehand. If you made a mistake when placing your order, you can let us know via the chat function. As soon as your access has been confirmed, you will receive an email from us. The right of withdrawal no longer applies once the online training has been approved and the date confirmed for the face-to-face training.

      In Germany there is no nationwide training system to become a nail designer, e.g. in Baden-Württemberg you can register a trade without a certificate. In most federal states a so-called "Certificate of competence on the processing of medical devices" Demanded. This course, which is usually an 8-hour course for nail designers, trains hygiene topics such as disinfection/cleaning (of work surfaces, instruments or utensils), studio equipment (floor, walls, etc.), disinfectants, hygiene plan, waste disposal, etc. In any case, it is advantageous in this cosmetic profession as a nail designer to complete training courses including hygiene instructions.

      Accordingly, you can then work both independently and as an employee as a nail designer.

      However, if you would like to become self-employed, I definitely recommend attending one or more training courses to not only expand your skills, but also to show your customers that you invest in education. Because only with a real certificate, your customers trust you.

      Since there is demand for Doriana Cosmetics nail salons across Europe, we recommend our nail salons to potential customers who cooperate with us. If you complete the products and the training through us, you can be entered in our register free of charge. And you get a discount with every shop order! (In addition to all other discounts)

      After completing all the learning units, you can voluntarily take a final exam at one of the chambers of crafts of your choice. This is associated with additional costs and is not obligatory in order to practice this profession.

      Take the details from the overview under" ABOUT US ."
      Doriana A. Antonacci took part in the 2020 World Nail Design Championship.

      Doriana Cosmetics GmbH has set itself the task of creating highly qualified and technically sound training courses for nail designers. To prepare nail designers for their new profit and performance-oriented future. With the help of cooperation companies and constantly expanding knowledge. Targeted further training and the promotion of the entire job profile ensure the high quality for the customers of the future nail salons.

      You can send a request via email Info @ Send and thus register for the training on site in the official training center.

      Training takes place in our training center.

      Doriana Cosmetics GmbH,
      In the Oberdorf 2,
      77948 Friesenheim-Schuttern