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MAGICALLY - Colourgel no wipe

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      Available in white 100% recycled PET jars or in luxury gold jars with aluminum seal.
      Contents:5 ml

      The next generation of color gels is here!

      DasMAGICALLYColourgel no wipeis the perfect solution to save money and time. It covers in one layer and no top coat (sealer) is required. It's easy to apply, making new designs a breeze!


      The special advantages can be foand in the corresponding article (see below).


      Recommendation:Always apply the color to the edge. Not only for the look, but also to use the sealing properties of the color gel and thus prevent the color from flaking off.

      For an even better hold and color brilliance, we recommend oursMAGICALLY Top Coats(Sealer) in the practical brush bottle or in the jar, available in *Ultra Shine*, *Glossy*,*Matt* and *Glimmer*.

      We also recommend not removing the aluminum seal completely, but only making a cross-shaped cut in the middle and pressing the corners into the pan. If you want to remove the seal entirely, we recommend oneZwischendeckel to be purchased to prevent leakage during transport.

      Important: Please note that using differentDisplay technologies and due to your individual display settings can lead to distortions in the color representation.

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      Our jars are bigger than the contents. Therefore, the filling quantity appears smaller.




      The products are of such high quality and are easy to work with. I love her


      I love that MAGICALLY Fiberglasgel Natural. For the reason that it works with me and the brush, it also doesn't run into the edges (when used correctly). The natural has a great creamy consistency and a nice "nude tone" that you can also wear "naked". I think it is an absolute must to use the gel in the studio or for me as a hobby nail designer. I can no longer imagine modeling without the MAGICALLY Natural Fiberglass Gel.

      Stefanie L.
      Siegen, Germany

      The products from Doriana Cosmetics are a dream, since I've been working with these products I've never had any problems and lifting is a thing of the past.

      Never anything else.

      Roberta L.
      Nail design by Roby, Schopfheim, Germany

      Such a beautiful gel. All colors are awesome.

      Peggy Ulbrich
      Rock your beauty, Annaburg, Deutschland