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      The files of Doriana Cosmetics GmbHare durable and corrosion resistant. They are the perfect companion in the nail salon.

      Graduated discounts of up to 40% can be viewed on each product page for the file variations.

      the interchangeable files have been specially manufactured for use on steel boards. They can simply be stuck onto the stainless steel board and then removed again. These filing blades have a premium 54 zebra grit (available in 100, 150, 180, and 240 grit) and dampening.These interchangeable file blades are only suitable for use on stainless steel boards!

      Proven to be made in Europe.

      Form: Straight and Crescent

      quality: Zebra 54

      Shown price is per file sheet/board

      Boards sind mit Doriana Cosmetics Logo.




      The products are of such high quality and are easy to work with. I love her


      I love that MAGICALLY Fiberglasgel Natural. For the reason that it works with me and the brush, it also doesn't run into the edges (when used correctly). The natural has a great creamy consistency and a nice "nude tone" that you can also wear "naked". I think it is an absolute must to use the gel in the studio or for me as a hobby nail designer. I can no longer imagine modeling without the MAGICALLY Natural Fiberglass Gel.

      Stefanie L.
      Siegen, Germany

      The products from Doriana Cosmetics are a dream, since I've been working with these products I've never had any problems and lifting is a thing of the past.

      Never anything else.

      Roberta L.
      Nail design by Roby, Schopfheim, Germany

      Such a beautiful gel. All colors are awesome.

      Peggy Ulbrich
      Rock your beauty, Annaburg, Deutschland