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What our customers say:


1. I thought I 'd just test it, because nothing can go wrong, I was always a little dissatisfied with other products.
When I tried Doris stuff like X-Gel, the Glossy and more, I'm more than satisfied. Good consistent and super fast processing. Therefore, I love these products and can offer and apply them to me and others best conscience

Stephanie G.
Nail designer, Germany

Why did I become a customer of Doriana Cosmetics?

This question is very easy to answer. Because I got to know and love great products. I have some products in self-experiment😉Tested and was more than satisfied.

So it was clear to me that I can give these products to my customers without a guilty conscience.

Both I and my customers now appreciate the products. Whether it's the consistencies, the manufacturing methods (vegan, animal experiment-free) or simply the great colors, we are satisfied. Thank you Doriana♥

Michaela S.
Nail designer with trade, Germany

Actually, first the interpersonal, then the products were right. Now I'm in the process of gradually completely converting my range, which of course doesn't happen overnight. For me, the products are the highest quality that I have worked with over the past 14 years. There is also help through videos, etc. On the homepage. All in all, you can't get rid of me.

Nicole K.
Nail designer with trade, TikTok influencer, Germany

"I became a customer because I was desperate at the point where I met Doriana Cosmetics or rather the dear Dori directly. I'm glad she wrote to me and we met. My training is worth a lot more than the money I invested. The scope is very similar to a classical education and is regularly expanded. In addition, there is the fact that my nails will finally hold up and nothing will flake off or not harden properly. Doriana Cosmetics not only solved my liability difficulties, but also gave me an insight into the profession that I chose for myself. Nail design means so much to me and thanks to Doriana I succeed in a lot of what I found impossible before."

Jazz B.
Nail designer with trade, Germany

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